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create_theatre's Journal

Creating Theatre From Scratch
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This community is for people who would like to create thier own theatre shows, from scratch.
You can create theatre out of anything, with anything. You dont need a traditional theatre to perform in. You always wanted to act or dance or sing? While you wait for that magical big casting agency, or big TV role, you needent be sat on the sofa bewailing the lack of opportunity to perform! You can get out there and create performances!

This site is dedicated to encouraging the creation of performance art!

This LJ is for the discussion of anything related to creating theatre shows and theatre groups from scratch. Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience. Post questions, information, auditions, etc on here.

Please keep on-topic
No selling stuff (sorry!)
No online fights or drama (keep the drama on stage please!).

LJ started by a founder member of the South Devon Players Community Theatre Company in Devon, England. :)