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Theatre auditions:

I am the co-founder and secretary of an award-winning non-profit community theatre company from Brixham (Devon, England) and we have auditions coming up in the next two/ three months, for two new shows. Both very different, and both generating a lot of interest already. If you live in the Devon area, and are interested, you would be most welcome to audition for one, or both.  Rehearsals take place mainly on Wednesday evenings with occaisional sunday afternoons as required. If you cannot make the specific audition date advertised, you can contact us to arrange an alternative audition date (wednesday evenings  or sunday afternoons).

You are welcome to apply, whether you are an experienced performer, or new to acting.  It would be very helpful, if you are attending auditions, to contact us and let us know beforehand. :)


The Great Storm Of Brixham
Auditions: Sunday December 4th, 1.30pm, or by arrangement
Chestnut Heights Community Centre, 1 - 3 Poplar Close, Brixham

Telling the story of the Great Storm of Brixham, which happened in 1866, and in which over 100 lives were lost, and which tragedy caused Brixham to have her first lifeboat the year after. A moving tribute to Brixham's fishing industry, written from historical records and eyewitness accounts. To be performed at various weekend and evening events during the spring of 2012, including Teignmouth Drama Festival, and at an event in Brixham to raise money for a memorial to the fishermen of Brixham past, present and future.Open to all aged 16 to 116 - younger from age 12 up strictly with parents written permission.

The Musketeers and the Pirates

Auditions: Sunday January 29th, 1.30pm, or by arrangement
Chestnut Heights Community Centre, 1 - 3 Poplar Close, Brixham

Spinoff "take" based in the times of the "Three Musketeers" set in La Rochelle,  at a time, historically, when Cardinal Richelieu was working on building up the size of the French Naval fleet, having taken charge of the French Navy, under the title the “Grand Maitre et Surintendant-general du Commerce”.

This is a lot earlier than rehearsals will begin, but the director needs to cast early, in order for costumes to be made – as the costume person is also working and doing a university thesis at the same time and will be racing around like a blue-ended fly! 
Rehearsals will commence at the end of March 2012.
The play is approximately 20 minutes long, to be performed primarily during the spring at the Brixham Pirate Festival (weekend April 2012) and the Plymouth Pirate Festival 2012 ( weekend May 2012 ), which the South Devon Players annually support with open-air swashbuckling theatre performances.
We have also been asked to perform it during the summer school holidays as part of Brixham Buccanneers weekly "Pirate Thursdays" afternoons,  for extra swashbuckling excitement. We are therefore looking for cast who can ideally be available for all events, otherwise are happy to cast for the two spring festivals, and then re-cast for the summer Pirate Thursdays (if the Thursdays performances prove possible).

Male and female roles are available.  Obviously a lot, though not all, roles will require stage combat skills. Workshops in stage combat can be provided free of charge.

For more information:
our website -
our facebook -
our twitter-!/sdevonplayers
our LJ - sdp_theatre

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