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Fundraising and marketing ideas for non-profit group

This is what we do so far for the theatre group sdp_theatre   - and maybe the ideas may be of use to someone else as well. Please feel free to make more suggestions!

(Most members of the theatre group either work, study, or volunteer, or any mix of the above) which means we are hurtling around with life flat-out, so its got to be ideas that fit in with that kind of life. We are aged from teens through to 60s, but there are none who "sit around at home all day" even the people who are techincally unemployed! We are a non-profit organisation rather than a charity...)

- Jumble sales (we usually have a big annual one in the summer)
- Ebid store! (advertised through theatre group and will be added to theatre programmes etc)
- selling advertising space in our theatre programmes (here on ebid)
- quiz night (been suggested by one member, will try it out)
- Collection buckets when we are doing free shows at festivals and whatnot
- Ticket sales (usually break-even)

Marketing/ advertising
(Makes people aware of group, increases audience numbers... and hence hopefully income)

- Posters in town whenever there is a show or audition coming up
- flyers being handed out in town by cast-in-costume for same
- Getting news releases into local newspaper/ radio (and sending press releases to magazines and TV and anything else because you never know)
- dedicated website/ facebook/ twitter/ myspace/ livejournal for people to keep up to date.
- Bi-monthly newsletter (sent out on email and also provided to community hubs like local library etc)
- Using whats-ons websites to list events
- Street theatre advertising bigger shows (with flyer handouts)

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