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The Elven Jedi Druid Hippie Arty Ranger :D

Because I am at home and not well, I am using this time to post up various things online!

This one, isnt aimed at anyone *on here*, but is a general "vent", and  something that I think is important to say to people wanting to get into acting, from the point of view of someone who varyingly performs, and is on the admin end.

It has been my invariable experience that when I put out a public casting notice, the vast majority of responders turn out to be time wasters - which not only wastes my time digging through applications that cant be considered, but the time of the people applying. It also makes the responders appear shockingly unprofessional!

Let me explain. Say I put out a casting notice for male actors to play medieval knights in an upcoming production. Because our theatre company is a small regional one, and rehearsals need to be attended, I will also mention that we can only consider applications from a certain area. If there are listing menu preferences as well, I select the relevant options on those too.

So, given that set of specifications, the majority of applications that I recieve are from people at the minimum the other side of the country if not abroad, and having specified male actors I will get a lot of female applications (and if I advertise for female cast, I get men apply for it!). People state that they cannot possibly attend rehearsals but are desparate to be in the show. Or after I have clearly stated that this is a stage show, they write a whole page in txt-spk on why they are the ideal casting choice for my "movie".

And then often they email me later, upset that they were not selected....

If I am looking at online casting notices for myself, I read the requirements posted. If I dont fit the bill, I move on to the next. I dont apply for things that I would in no way fit the bill for.

Please, people, make yourselves appear professional however big or small the role you are applying for. Apply for things you can be suited for, not for things you arent. Dont waste your time and other peoples.

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