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Full open auditions for the show The Barbary Pirates.

A lively, family friendly show, based on true stories. In the 17th and 18th Centuries, the Barbary Pirates raided all along the Devon and Cornwall cost, and even, for a while, had a base on Lundy Island. The raids became so severe that one year, the Brixham fishing fleet refused to put to sea at all, for fear of the pirates. The main interest of the Barbary pirates was in taking people as slaves, and in some cases, those people later bought thier freedom and turned to piracy themselves.

Auditions at: 

Brixham Royal British Legion Club
(Function room)
Bakers Hill

Saturday October 2nd, 2010 at 1.30pm.

Males and females wanted all ages, over 16yrs, to play British and Arabian pirates, Brixham fisherpeople and families, citizens of Algiers etc. All roles open for casting.
All cast must live locally to attend weekly rehearsals and workshops.

Anyone is welcome to turn up to the auditions, everyone should wear comfortable loose clothes, bring a diary and notebook, and be prepared to read parts of the script in small groups.

As a non-profit community group, all roles are unpaid, but you will recieve character photographs etc, which can be used in your portfolio.

Show to be performed at during the first half of 2011 at Exmouth Drama Festival, Brixham Pirate Festival, Brixham Heritage Festival, the Cowtown Carnival, and then revived for Paignton Regatta. Further show dates may be added between March and August 2011


Rehearsals begin for the full show in January 2011 (on a weekday evening, to be decided, at the British Legion in Brixham)
HOWEVER, we have a large Arabian bellydance sequence, and all girls who wish to be involved in that scene will be required to attend bellydance lessons and rehearsals (on Wednesday evenings, at the Brixham British Legion club), from the middle of October 2010 (previous bellydancing experience not required as full tuition being provided).

Important note on the dance scene requirements:
- Any girl in that scene is not limited to that scene, she is able to have another larger role in the play, in addition, if she so wishes.

Important notes on main rehearsals
- These will begin in January 2011, for the entire cast, on a weekday evening to be arranged, at Brixham Royal British Legion.
- Those playing the role of some of the pirate characters will be required to rehearse some convincing stage combat. (again, experience not required, and full tuition provided) If you are not comfortable being involved in stage combat scenes, please let us know at the audition.

You can find out more about our group at our main website:

and you can also follow us on facebook at for all our latest news. 

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