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The Elven Jedi Druid Hippie Arty Ranger :D

At short notice, if you are in the area...

Medieval era LARPers and living history enthusiasts wanted for a voluntary thing next Saturday day, in Paignton (Devon UK) on the seafront.

Some friends and I, for most of the day next Saturday in Paignton are (as well as our dance act) doing a medieval/ LARPy event as part of the Regatta on the sea front green, by request of the Regatta people.

We would like as many people as are free to come during the day to dress up and be a medieval person. its a sort of living history type thing with larpsafe kit. We will be "in character" for most of the time, there will be improvised bits of dialogue and interreaction between those involved, and if you want to do a historical talk / demonstration on something medieval, thats great as long as you do it in character. There will be the chance for the public to try things as well, and the more people we have with some specific area of medieval knoweldge, the better.

Bring all/any of your own kit, as spare stuff is limited due to the short notice. If you dont have any gear let me know and we will try to find some gear for you... Please confirm with me ASAP.

Looking at approx 10.30am to 4pm. I need to know in advance if you are coming to help, if you dont have your own costume and larpsafe weaponry as I will need to arrange things in advance and pack a friends very small car!

All weaponry should be LARPsafe (request of the Regatta people).

Think of it as improvised historical theatre, which is what it is, basically. As soon as I know who is able to come, I can work out a rough set of things we can do. Sorry its not paid, but it looks to be a fun day out! And I know its last minute, its because they had a messup with some of thier bookings, and asked us to step in. We can do it, but the more people, the better.

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