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First post

Welcome to this community - I saw that there are a lot of comms on LJ about theatre but none really about creating theatre.
let me tell you an overview of a story...

Four people met in a pub, they were a bit drunk, and bewailing the lack of performing arts in the area where they lived. So they decided to start a community theatre group.
They had no money to speak of, just some local history to write into a script, and determination. 

That was in 2005. Now, in 2009  the theatre group they formed from that script, and the money from a car-boot sale of whatever second hand stuff they could afford to sell, is a thriving small community theatre company, shortlisted for awards, and going great.

I was one of those four founders.

The moral of the tale is:
You can create theatre out of anything, with anything. You dont need a traditional theatre to perform in. You always wanted to act or dance or sing? While you wait for that magical big casting agency, or big TV role, you needent be sat on the sofa bewailing the lack of opportunity to perform! You can get out there and create performances!

This site is dedicated to encouraging the creation of performance art!

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